Carly Thornton : The Creator of Gluteywear

Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

Where do I start!!

You would never guess that I used to shy away from any form of exercise until my early 20’s. I had low self- esteem but did not know where to turn, until cliché as it sounds I finally got fed up and knew that if I wanted to change then only I could make this happen!

So, the journey BEGUN! I joined a local gym and started reading about healthy eating.
If I knew fitness made you feel this ALIVE I would have started a lot earlier!

Fast forward a couple of years and I took an even bigger leap and entered my first competition in figure which I won. From this I rapidly became a well know face/personality within the fitness industry. Not only through competing but I became the UK’s most published fitness model. None of this came easy. I cannot count how many times I was turned away from various agencies and castings because they said I was not small enough, not pretty enough or just didn’t have the “right” look” did I give up? NO WAY. I believed in myself and was determined to achieve exactly want I wanted, no matter what anyone’s opinion was, because as we know. One opinion does not mean anything.

You can have a thousand no’s BUT all you need is one yes! Just REMEMBER THAT!

My next goal was to earn her IFBB Pro status which after many years of determination and walking on staged improved I was then awarded my Pro status at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2015!

For so many years I had this thought of wanting to bring out a clothing range because no matter how many pairs of leggings I purchased, there was always something not quite right. They were either unflattering, uncomfortable, see through or the quality of the fabric was poor. Now I know how clothes make you feel and when the fit is perfect you feel AMAZING and ooze confidence.

This was my mission, to create the solution so that every woman as soon as they tried on a pair they felt empowered and confident like we all truly deserve. We all know that if we feel confident then our vibe transmits to everything we do. If is be kicking butt at the gym, lunch with the girls or a hot date. Leggings are the everyday must have for any occasion, so they NEED to tick all the boxes.

I researched and and purchased so many fabric samples. Now this sounds easy but I assure you, when you are perfectionist and you know exactly what you want, it took a lot of time to finally fine the perfect cut.

If I had funding I may have been able to move a little faster but it took every penny to dive in the deep end and produce my first product. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Those butterflies feeling when you go on a first date or a job interview!

The drive, determination and focus from bodybuilding gave me the foundation to transfer all this energy and power into other aspects of life and every new challenge is exciting.

Gluteywear is not just  my brand, it’s a community for women to feel empowered and confident in their own skin, no matter what shape or size, how often they train. It’s about the way the clothes make you feel. How you can show off your curves and feel totally amazing that you want to shout about it.

I welcome you to our squad, your brand built upon a dream!

“Never give up on something you really want to achieve, your thoughts can become reality so make it happen”

Love you

Carly xx